EU Ology

EU Ology is a popup blog about some subjects around the UK’s EU referendum.

I come from a science and IT background which is no help at all in politics or figuring out this kind of answer.

I remember politics from when I was a child always seemed a very aggressive pastime where many people seemed born to a view like a faith and never questioned it. That’s why I only voted twice in 32 years. I’m grown up now so it is time I started taking this voting thing seriously and try to form an opinion.

Hut hmm. I shall attempt a conversational tone and those who know me, will recognise my sometimes choice turn of phrase or perhaps just feeble attempts to lighten serious points.

This will either be mildly interesting or a disaster, either way this blog will popdown again on 23 June 2016 or sooner.

Hands up, currently I’m strongly leaning to Leave, so if that makes you incandescent with rage probably best to leave it there, I’m not really looking to convert anyone just trying to decide myself.

I will join both campaigns so I receive all their chaff in equal measure.

Caveat Emptor

If anything I say or imply turns out to be rubbish rest assured it will not be because I am deliberately trying to mislead you; it will be because I have misunderstood something or just don’t know what I’m talking about yet. What! Hey it’s better than something you know is all spin and lies from the non truth seekers.

Also if there is any imbalance in the subjects chosen it is just my random path from one thing of interest to the next thing that catches my attention. There is no control group or scientific method here, I’m just feeling it, like checking a ram’s knackers.


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