Here is a scenario that worries some people rightly or wrongly. The sensationalist headline would be something about a tidal wave of refugees.

People worry that, however deserving a refugee is or however horrid what they are fleeing our economy cannot cope with millions more people suddenly arriving. I don’t know if that is true or not but it is not happening anyway because the EU countries to the east and south of us are taking the hit aren’t they. Yes for now. I think there is an EU rule about refugees settling in their first country of entry.

Great so we are ‘safe’ (not my word). However that rule is being ignored, Germany is taking tons of refugees and it isn’t a country of first entry. The Austrians tried to close their border and we see, what amounts to, refugees being marshalled along a route from one country to the next in a northwest direction. Cracks are appearing in the EU edifice and the far right is rising in Germany and France. While we have managed to bash the BNP into the ground, I’m hoping it is because we are more sensible but currently we are under less pressure than the rest of the EU. 

So at the very least we need to be prepared (dib dib dob) to receive loads more refugees than expected under the agreements. Just in case Germany and France break under the pressure. If they do and there really is an excremental fan bashing crisis threatening their state finances then all they need do is give all the refugees EU passports and wave them through to the UK all nice and legal. OK over the top perhaps.

Err… so I think I’m saying we should prepare to take a shed load more refugees regardless of the EU and regardless of whether we feel morally obliged to or not because we may have no choice. And perhaps because not to would be a bit rude internationally and could stain our reputation and influence.


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