Immigration is not really something I’m very bothered about it wouldn’t make my top 3 EU issues. But lots of people are and David Cameron knows this. So what has he done to alleviate people’s fears…? It is alright folks because in David’s radically reformed EU Angela Merkel has let him stop immigrants receiving child benefit. Clutching at straws. Brilliant, punish the children! How wrong can you be? I’d hope that families with young children are the one group of immigrants that we can all agree are welcome. In my experience people with young children are hardworking good citizens and those with enough gumption to up sticks and move for a better life for their kids are probably even more. So if the child benefit thing has any effect at all it will be the opposite of what is intended or what people are worried about. Why? because it might stop some of the desirable immigrants thus making more bandwidth for the undesirables. The immigration thing is all a moot point anyway since there are probably 3 times as many immigrants working in the UK from countries outside the EU. I’m assuming it is the terrorists and criminals that are worrying people the most and I’m pretty sure terrorists are not bothered either way about child benefit.


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