Listening to the BBC it seems today (9th May) the Remain campaign are suggesting that leaving the EU means turning our backs on Europe. I don’t think anyone is suggesting turning our backs. I can’t see what actions they intend that metaphor to stand in place of. I imagine if we left we would still trade, travel and cooperate with European countries. Remain also seem to be implying that the last time we ‘turned our backs’ on those silly Europeans they all went mad and started the second world war. A bit of a stretch isn’t it? The EU seems to be more about economics hence all the talk about currency and taxes not so much about military alliance. So I do think this point is guff, and might well justify the accusation of scare mongering. That said the BBC are managing to report what DC will say before he’s actually said it, let us see.

I think if you want world peace you need to work towards world wealth and health. In modern times peoples who are doing alright generally, I said generally, don’t start wars. (Apart from those obvious exceptions; religious nutters and lunatics. I don’t think being in the EU is gonna protect us from North Korea).
You need more global cooperative organisations like NATO and the UN for defense and peace and you need the World Trade Organisation (WTO) for trade. Potentially, localised organisations like the EU might even detract from the wider goals of these more globally collaborative organisations.
It is probably true (I’ve not checked) that most EU members are also members of UN and WTO anyway.


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