Crikey David Cameron’s FB page is chock-a-block with fools. It is actually not worth visiting, why I’m surprised by this I don’t know.

There are posts about one subject and illogical replies about completely different things. An economic statement about jobs and people reply banging on about freedom like a mob of French revolutionaries. One thing at a time please gennlmun, it’s like the flaming house of commons. It is mostly just a lot of vague statements of concern from various world notables who know better than us and replies from hateful people blaming johnny foreigner for raping, yes raping, the NHS. I know, anyone could have told me it would be like that but I had to check.

That is quite enough of that. There is no chance of bagging any truths there. Moving swiftly on. I’m dreading visiting the other main player websites. Cue Jaws.


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