Don’t Rock The Boat

rock the boat

HOW BAD IS MY LIFE? Thinking selfishly for a moment why the heck should I want to change anything. I’m all but retired and doing OK. My world is not broken so why try to fix it. Things have been a lot worse, people are gradually getting better off. We all have a telly and can work 5 days a week if we want to. It’s a lot better that the 1970’s. I have property, a pension fund and other investments. All this talk about recession and depression is quite a worry. I don’t know much about the markets but I do understand that if I’ve thought of something bad that might happen the markets, for sure, will have already thought of it and usually overreacted to it, that’s how they roll. So with a month to go I would be surprised if the markets had not already adjusted to whatever they see as the worst case scenario. There are signs of caution in the market but they are not in meltdown by any means. I’ll wait a bit longer on this one.


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