EU Competence


100 million is a spit in the ocean I know. But that is how much is wasted every year because the EU is so petty it never settled its internal bickering over where it should build its billion pound administrative buildings. Consequently we have a brilliant compromise; the administration is split between cities in Belgium and France and the whole carnival swaps locations every month. Clearly this is ridiculous in itself but what is more ridiculous is that the EU cannot fix this. It is so monolithic and so self-critically blind that they have let this absurdity persist. The whole thing is idiotic. But they do have lovely offices with art exhibitions and everything. So far in this blog I’ve tried to resist sarcasm, that bit slipped out because this is such an incredible situation.

Obviously this alone is not a reason to leave the EU but maybe it speaks or whispers to the competence of the EU.



One thought on “EU Competence

  1. This makes me so angry, as I know it does many others. Imagine the good that could be done with that money in addressing the real issues of the day; the most important of which in my view is how to stop youngsters becoming radicalised into terrorism. Rather than worry about the fact that perhaps the most notorious ‘terrorist haven’ in Europe is on the EU headquarters’ doorstep, the powers in the EU are wasting time worrying about which blow torches we are allowed to use to create our crème brûlées. It would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous. One of my fears of leaving the EU is that this might jeopardise cooperation in fighting terrorism, but I don’t know if there is any anyway.


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