Gross Domestic Product

pearse I couldn’t find a picture of a gross domestic product … he won’t mind, all publicity is good publicity, right Piers. I loved you in Bay Watch.

GDP (Gross Domestic Product), don’t know what that is but here is something from someone who should:

A study by the think-tank Open Europe, which wants to see the EU radically reformed, found that the worst-case “Brexit” scenario is that the UK economy loses 2.2 per cent of its total GDP by 2030 (by comparison, the recession of 2008-09 knocked about 6 per cent off UK GDP). However, it also says that GDP could rise by 1.6 per cent if the UK was able to negotiate a free trade deal with Europe – i.e. to maintain the current trade set-up – and pursued “very ambitious deregulation”.

To me this sounds like neither the best or worst scenarios are very extreme consequences.


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