Accountability and democracy


Democracy in the UK makes our politicians accountable. That’s not too controversial I suppose somewhere on a scale of 1 to 10 we would all agree with that. We also know that accountability moves at a snail’s pace.

Democracy in the EU makes the Council, the MEPs, the commissioners and the president accountable (some more directly than others granted). But somewhere on the scale of 1- 10 we agree there is some democratic accountability. The bigger difference is that it moves geologically slowly. Our snail looks like Emerson Fittipaldi. For anyone less than 100 years old he was a fast Brazilian (Insert your own generationally appropriate joke).

When people talk about accountability I think they mean we don’t want our law makers and politicians to be able to hide behind the “but it’s the EU” excuse. This excuse will not go away because all EU law has supremacy over all UK law and our courts and judiciary are instructed to treat it so. I know, it doesn’t even have to be law here to be law here.

I’ve got a post about law brewing.


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