David’s new deal


This is the reforms that David said he would negotiate before we have the referendum. I’ve read that agreement, no that’s a lie no one has read it; it’s hundreds of pages of complex language. But I have read the House of Commons Library report on the agreement. On the face of it, I have to say, it sounds pretty good. Stuff like:

  • No UK money will be used to bailout the Euro currency.
  • The principle of ever closer union does allow for different countries to take different paths; which means we don’t have to join in all the games, and we can’t be forced to.
  • The EU will not be nasty to its less unionated (I had to make a word up) countries. Basically even if we are not in all the agreements they can’t have meetings without us.

Big but. As it stands it is actually little more than a gentlemen’s agreement. The EU Council have agreed an intention to do this. Remain are desperate to tell me it’s a done deal and is legally binding. It is not. It might possibly be binding by international law on the heads of state who sit in the EU council but it is not binding on any EU institution and not enforceable or guaranteed to get through the EU parliament unmolested.

So I like it but I’m nervous of putting all my faith in this “agreement”. I can just imagine them all in the EU Council “Yes yes Dave whatever you want mate, honest. It’s lunch time now, don’t worry about all that.”.


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