Is the EU a nice thing?


Ok this one has been brewing for a while. We are all fed up with the arguments about immigrants, refugees, money, GDP, sovereignty (whatever that is), security and the rest. A very wise person close to me, Beryl, cut right through it all the other day by simply asking. (I can’t remember the exact words but I remember the sentiment that I understood from it) “In times like these should we be moving apart or sticking together?”. And she’s not the only one.

Yes I think we should all be moving closer together with the whole world not just the EU.

The EU looks like a closed shop that tries to force countries outside to make payments before they can trade. This isn’t just import duties, it is worse than that, this is like paying an entrance fee to get in to Tesco before you go shopping. It just seems such a nasty short-sighted way to do business and incompatible with the much finer notions of the WTO (free trade and prosperity to all, I’m romanticising a bit). I want to be a European. I don’t want to be an EU-pean.

If the world continues to gravitate into huge trade blocs, one for each continent, we might end up with a very hemisphere-centric world. With Africa and South America and a bunch of poor countries out in the cold exporting drugs, terrorism and grade one bananas.

The money these trade blocs save by keeping the cost of bananas down will be spent building aircraft carriers to keep a lid on the hatred and war created by the poverty they are facilitating.

There is some argument for nations to unilaterally declare free trade without requiring a reciprocal act from other countries, no wheeling and dealing, no politics or bargaining, just do it and wait for other countries to do the same.  Sound mad? We did it in 1800’s and we had a big trading empire and all sorts of industries to protect then. The Peel revolution, ditching the Corn Laws and all that. You could say that unilateral free trade has been quite key to UK economic policy and prosperity. It all went arse up because of WWI alas.

I’m sure we could do better, out of the EU, for world trade, friendliness and well just love and peace man. I also think outside the EU we could go back to loving France for all that we love about France instead of all this nastiness. Same for all the other EU countries.

Err yeah, the bananas above are largely metaphorical.


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