Mountain or molehill?


The Leave campaign, gee whiz , every email they send me says 350 million a week; I wish they would stop it. It is just as wrong as the Remain campaign and their 3 million jobs cobblers. Not 3 million cobblers’ jobs you understand 🙂

As best I can tell it costs about 160-190 million a week to be in the EU. This is a small amount of money. What! Yes it is. The Remain campaign say when you compare it with 2 billion a week we spend on NHS and 3 billion a week on pensions which are numbers more than ten times as much. They are correct. The amounts of money sloshing back and forth between UK and EU to do with membership and rebates and EU grants etc. are piffling compared to the UK budget. Correct.

So it is hard to argue that this money is a reason to leave or a reason to stay. But no one is arguing that it is a reason to stay. Yes they are, it’s behind you.

You can’t on one hand argue that this is a small amount of money and on the other hand try to make a big deal about the risk to the EU development money and farming subsidies because you’ve just said that it is all small beer. So you can’t now make a case for how hard it would be for a post Brexit government to find that money and keep those things the same.

( Instead of “you can’t” I should have said “one can’t” but it sounded too posh)


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