Ruby ruby ruby ruby!


I said at the beginning of this blog that I would subscribe to both campaigns and receive their chaff. So far I’ve just ignored all the silly things and not posted about them. Here is one I can’t pass up. It happens to be from the Leave campaign but rest assured there are bad thinkers in both campaigns. What is so amazing is that no one in any of the meetings from conception to publication stopped and said hang on this is stupid. It’s like they are all caught up in some desperate frenzy. No wonder people are put off the whole topic…. Anyway here it is for you amusement.

Save our curry. What! Here is the “logic”. The EU’s immigration policy means our government has been forced to be stricter on immigration from India. Which means we can’t get good curry chefs and apparently 5 ruby houses are closing every week.

Really! I’m not even going to bother examining that. The claims not the food, the food looks lovely.



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