Terror and security


Gove (The one who looks like he’s from thunderbirds) is an MP now and Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice (who knew). But he used to be a reporter chasing corruption in the EU and has written a book about Islamic terrorism called Celsius 7/7. The book seems to have been what they call “well received” in literary circles. Suffice it to say he has spent more time thinking about this than me.

Gove rekons the European Court of Justice reduces our ability to share intelligence with the USA and has stopped us deporting people “whose presence here is not conducive to the public good”, I love that it really sounds like dialogue from Spooks. Presumably, this is because the judges of the ECJ lean a smidge too far towards human rights and a tad too far away from security. He says getting away from the ECJ would be one of the desirable “immediate steps in order to make this country safer”.

Gove also said the European Criminal Records Information System only tells us if someone is a criminal after they commit an offence in this country which, to me, seems only slightly better than useless.

Yeah but Gove is a politician and campaigns for Brexit so we don’t want to take it from him. No, we want a more qualified opinion.

What about the chap who used to run Mi6? Dearlove, he says that the borders policy and operation of the ECJ, is against our interest and that the cost to Britain’s security would be low post Brexit.

Yeah but Dearlove retired yonks ago. Can we get something from the horse’s mouth?

What about a man actually doing the job of keeping us safe right now? Well he was until last year anyway. Richard Walton, he was head of anti-terrorism (SO15) at the Met. The cops not the weather people. He says “We would suffer not one whit by being outside the EU.”

That’s our guys, what about inter-plod? The head of Interpol says that the EU’s open borders policy is like hanging out a welcome sign for terrorists. A bit alarmist but we take his point; it allows nasty people to move around more easily than otherwise.

Obviously there are lots of people saying different things. Many say we will be safer (to varying degrees) to stay in the EU. But the views above stood out to me because they seem to be educated opinions.

I’ve posted before about security and my biased on this issue is based on a belief (that terrible word) that what goes on is actually secret so there is no real way to test this belief. So I lounge in the comfort of my confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is a smart way of saying you only see evidence that supports your belief. But in this case I can’t know if I’m wrong either 🙂


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