Big Kahuna


The EU is a large trading bloc. Yes 500 million consumers tick. Actually we are 65 of those 500 so it’s nearer 400 million than 500 when talking about the EU market from our point of view. Anyway tick.

But just to put that in context a bit. The economies of those EU countries are vastly different, obviously. So compare your average Greek consumer to your average German consumer. I guess a big part of the money spend by those 500 million EU consumers is actually spend by consumers in the UK and Germany.

There must be are a billion people in China and a billion people in India; that’s loads more people that in the EU so simply saying there are lots of people in the EU does not mean much. It should be about how much they spend.

Germany is actually our biggest trading partner within the EU but we do twice as much trade with the USA. There are over 300 million people in the USA and they all spend a lot, they are massive consumers (in more ways than one).


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