How much EU law


Remain say 14% of UK laws is from the EU. Leave say it is 75%. Both talkin’ nonsense. You can’t count all the EU laws because some don’t have any meaning here. I’m not affected by the maximum number of olive trees I’m allowed to claim for personal use. Conversely it’s not correct to count only those laws that have been explicitly enacted in UK law because we can be affected by all EU laws whether they are passed through our parliament or not because our courts are instructed to give EU law supremacy in all cases.

It is more truthful to say that between 15% and 55% of UK Law comes from the EU. Perhaps it is an irrelevant argument anyway because it could be any one single law that completely destroys an individual or a business.

One thing I heard someone say:-  We want our government to be accountable to us for the laws they pass and not be able to hide behind the “it’s the EU” excuse.

PS. The olive tree example was made up because I didn’t have one to mind. I’m sure you can go on smoking as much olive leaf as you want.



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