No more holidays or business trips WTF!


It’s a joke, right. Yes I’m hearing lots of jokes like this “Selfie: Oh this is me at the beer festival, it’ll be the last time if Gove gets his way!” You can swap any place or event in the EU and any hated politician it’s the same joke. It’s funny because as we all know “gets his way” refers to the Leave campaigners who all hate foreigners and want to close the border. So it is the naughtiness of implying they are all absurd racists because they don’t agree with us that makes it funny. So we laugh at how absurd they are.

Now I’m OK wiv a bit ov ignorant banter. But we should be careful making these type of jokes because it makes it difficult to argue when they make jokes about us. These jokes reduce the conversation to absurdity and some people might even have their view swayed by jokes and not in the way we might like.

For clarity:- It’s no one’s “way”. No one is suggesting stopping your holidays or your business trips, or your trade. It is nonsense to think that and I’m pretty sure the people making these jokes know that too. If a German company wants me to fly over and do some programming or give them some IT training I could. It does not count as being employed or “working” abroad. My UK employer has a contract with the German company that’s all. If I need to go to France to demonstrate and pitch a sale, I can, that is not “working” abroad.


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