You’re nicked son


The European arrest warrant seems to be a big deal this week. An issued EAW requires a member state to arrest and transfer a suspect to the issuing state so they can be detained until trial. It is for prosecution only, it is not for investigation it is not about information exchange or cooperating in join investigations or intelligence ops.

So we can ask the Italian police to arrest someone for us. It works both ways of course the Italian police can have a UK citizen arrested and sent to Italy too.

Well we always had the ability to extradite people but this is quicker because it removes politicians from the process. The idea is that judges are not political of course, which they are because they can be constrained by people who use political correctness as a weapon and the ECJ, anyway that’s another topic.

Would we really lose the EAW if we leave? The EAW is nothing to do with trade or money so why would the EU suddenly stop cooperating on this, cutting off their nose to spite their face, no. This would not be part of the predicted difficult trade negotiations.

So if we leave the EU we would likely keep the EAW but also we would be able to extradite terrorists to America, something we currently can’t do for political reasons. That said we still wouldn’t extradite to America very often for fear of annoying the EU but at least we would have the choice in extreme cases.

Even if the EU went all spiteful and excluded us from the EAW system we would still have the old process and we could still tell them about criminals in their countries it would be up to them if they want to leave them running around free.


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