Tony Blair on Andrew Marr


See we can all be provocative.

Great I thought we might get some sense from Tony. This hope was based on an observation that retired politicians often start talking more sense when free from their political harness.

Onnne… Almost the first thing he said “What are you going to do leave the EU and send everyone home?” provocative. No Tony, no one is saying that and you know it. You, of all people, should know not to imply such nonsense. I expect most rights currently being exercised will be preserved. There will be no mass expulsions. Any change would only apply going forward to new employments, obviously. What you’re suggesting is ridiculous. And Andrew Marr nullified this glib comment with the Luxembourg Compromise. I don’t know what that is but I trust Marr not to bullsh*t us. Tony didn’t press the point, I think he said “yeah but anyway” or something similar.

Twwwwoa… Unperturbed Tony continues “Even if we stop ALL EU immigration it will still be a problem.” No Tony, sweetheart, no one is suggesting that either and you know it.

Threeeea.. Next he says “Outside if we want access to the single market we would have to renegotiate free movement anyway like Norway did.”. No not necessarily. We are bigger than Norway and who says we have to negotiate the exact same deal we have now. We can find a solution anywhere from one extreme to the other. It’s a matter of bargaining tariff levels against membership requirements. We might think some opt outs are worth paying for. I say might, I don’t say we should. He also said something like “good luck with the WTO option” which was quite dismissive of an organisation that has done so well at moving the world towards free trade despite the efforts of the EU.

Yer out! That was your three strikes Tony. If he can still be that deliberately obtuse and inflammatory in arguing his case on this, how can I believe him on other subjects. So I stopped listening.



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