Race to the Bottom – Boatrace!


Boatrace? it’s a drinking game. Anyway you can imagine the near misses I had googling for a bottom picture, luckily this pic was near the top of the results squeezed between 10 million pictures of someone called Kim.

Dutch PM warns of ‘race to the bottom’ if post-Brexit UK brings in points system. I’m not sure how the causal chain he is suggesting here would work. Or what the ‘bottom’ condition means. Assuming he thinks some kind of tit-for-tat spat goes on.

That seem illogical to me. If we did a tat and they wanted to do a tit then all 27 EU members would have to agree first so I think this game of tit-tat would be pretty slow. Also it smacks of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

If for example the UK had too many treacle grinders but Germany didn’t have enough and there were great big lumps of treacle building up in Germany. We would want to change the points to deter treacle grinders coming here. What would Germany do to tit our tat, stop UK treacle grinders coming to Germany and learn to chew their lumpy treacle, no that would be silly.

If say Germany had too many steam roller drivers and therefore they put restrictions on the number of migrating steam roller drivers why should that bother me as a UK steam roller driver? Why would I want to go to Germany and try to get a job in a country where they already have too many steam roller drivers? I’m starting to wish I’d picked a job title with a shorter name.

I would like to suggest a company sponsorship mechanism be added to the mix to cover relocating companies key staff and situations where say, don’t scream at me, Polish cabbage pickling technicians are just better skilled than ours simply because Poles have been pickling cabbage for centuries.

I’ve use specific countries in the examples but remember that the EU (unless they change some big things) would have to agree as a whole.

Bottoms up!



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