TUC crackers


The Remain campaign today:

“New research released today by the TUC, who speak for nearly six million UK workers, shows that working people will be £38 a week worse off if we leave the EU……TUC leader Frances O’Grady points out, for millions of workers it’s the difference between heating or eating, between struggling or saving, and between getting by or getting on.”

That 38 quid is the average. So if you earn much less than average you will be much less affected so the difference for you would be way less than £38; if you earn more than average you would be more than £38 worse off.

£38 might be the difference between eating or heating for people whose earnings are way below average in which case it won’t be £38 for them it will be much less.

‘Research’, ok it is an economical prediction. But for the sake of argument let’s assume all the negative assumptions this is based on come true and by some miracle they are in the right ball park. That’s just under £2000 a year which is a bit different to the £4300 that still appears on the Remain campaign leaflet.

£38 is suspiciously precise isn’t it. A rough prediction is always more plausible because it can be roughly right. A precise prediction will usually be precisely wrong. But they can’t help themselves.

6 million people is quite a lot just to make biscuits. Also I bet we can find a TUC member who is voting Leave so on this issue, I don’t know but, I’d be surprised if all the people they ‘speak for’ are voting stay.


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