Big Onions


With most of the issues I’ve looked I have been peeling layers of yeah-but-no-but onion. They appear to be yeah-but-no-buts all the way down.

All the questions relating to money, economies, jobs, trade and laws are impossible to answer because nobody really knows how the future will go if we stay in or if we leave. The statistics can be interpreted however you want. You can chose numbers to support either case. For instance (Nearly half our exports go to the EU. Yeah-but-no-but looking at it another way; Germany is our biggest trading partner in the EU yet we still do twice as much trade with the USA as we do with Germany) both those statements are roughly true but seem to support opposite sides of the argument.

It is a non-trivial exercise to find the right answer on most of the issues. Now I’m not giving up, I will vote, but perhaps I’ll have to resign myself to that fact democracy works by averaging the gut instincts of all the voters.

So I might as well pick an issue that most interests me or better still one I know about and just vote with my guts. I shall try and pick a big issue though, not just something fringe like bullfighting.


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