Does the UK need the EU for moral guidance?


Judging from some of the Remain campaign arguments there is a perception that we need the EU to keep our governments on the moral straight and narrow.

Well here’s a salient thing. The UK is second only to the USA in the amount of foreign aid it gives. Yes we are the 5th largest economy but we punch above our weight. We give about 20% more than the Germans even though they are a large economy and we give nearly twice as much as France. We have pledged to give 0.7% of GDP in aid. We are already head and shoulders above the EU in this. But next year the EU is introducing changes in the way government departments do accounting, which is good, standard accounting makes sense. But under the new accounting, in order to meet our target we will spend an extra billion on foreign aid. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be doing that anyway but not because of an accounting method.


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