Small Onions


You may be surprised by some of the issues I effectively dismiss here. These things will not help me decide because I think they fall in to one of these categories:

a) It has little to do with trade imports/exports tariffs and therefore should fall outside the bun fight that is predicted in the trade negotiations, and therefore are not at risk of being traded away for a tariff.

b) It relates to the monies sloshing to and fro to do with cost of membership and grants, subsidies etc. And because these amounts of money are piffling compared to the UK budget redirecting the money should be a perfectly reasonable expectation.

c) It will not be put at risk by a post Brexit government, because removing them would be too unpopular, even if they wanted to. What happens will be decided by the government not the Brexit campaigners.

d) It will not be put at risk by a the EU because I am dismissing the notion that the EU would act out of pure spite.

e) It is an area where our own laws already go further than the EU laws, where the EU is a floor or lowest common denominator. Since our existing and previous governments actually set the bar and have not lowered it; which they could have. There is no reason to think that they would start doing so post Brexit.

Security, EAW, Science, Farming, Holiday Travel, Business Travel, Bullfighting, Phone Charges, Travel Healthcare, Expatriates, Workers Rights, Human Rights, Environmental Rules, Animal welfare…. I’m sure there are others I’ve forgotten about.


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