By now everyone has their own top issues. For me it’s not all about immigration or membership costs or trade or any number of smaller issues that I’ve looked at and hopefully shown are not in as imperilled as they might appear.

If you’ve read the rest of this blog you might already know that, for me, it comes down to these…

My reasons to stay are quite simple to explain:

Don’t rock the boat. Better the devil you know. I have a natural instinct to resist change, just ask my barber.

Keep with the herd and protect us (EU members) and our interests. I have a natural instinct for self-preservation too.

Despite it all I do put some weight on what David Cameron says he believes.

My reasons to Leave are more difficult to explain:

(You can see why I think the things I’m about to say by reading the various earlier posts)

It is unclear to me whether the EU is a force for good or bad in the world. I don’t mean to be all moralistic but I do really question it. I worry about the anti free trade and anti developing-world nature of the EU trading bloc. I worry about the inefficiency, waste and environmental damage that the EU has caused and may well go on causing.

I’m not happy with the notion of “ever closer union” even if we do, one day, manage to ratify our exemption from most of it. When the EU makes a cock up it cocks up all over Europe which often costs us and the planet. The EU seems unlikely to change its decision making structure to something more sensible. Nor will it change its direction; it is actually written on the walls in the visitor centre. The EU repeatedly ignores its own rules so even things that seem certain are not.

Outside the EU we could be more dynamic, in a changing world and do better for the world too. Future greater good for the world is a long term project so I’m trying to ignore any risk of short term impact to my own wealth which I don’t think would be all that bad anyway.

There are actually some rational voices for Brexit, it’s not all over compensation xenophobes. And there is a lot of unimaginative or deliberately obtuse scare mongering about post Brexit negotiations.

So I won’t just toss a tuppence because I do give a tuppenny toss 🙂


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